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Ammonite Training Solutions was established in 2016 and has always strived to deliver the highest quality of services.  These services include mass casualty trauma training, first aid courses, clinical governance and equipment procurement.

Our clinical instructors are qualified paramedics, with a wealth of experience both clinically on the front line, and as trainers.  Most have previously worked within critical care and/or hazardous area environments.

These registered clinicians also provide our clinical governance service.  Our clinical governance packages enable trained personel to deliver medical care utilising equipment outside of first aid kit, such as emergency oxygen, airway management, bag-valve-mask ventilation, pelvic binder as much more.

We are working with some of the largest and most high profile clients and groups across the United Kingdom, delivering training and packages to bring them in line with best practice, including the introduction of Martyn's Law and the Governments Protect Duty - following the Manchester Arena Enquiry.

Our clients include:

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