Mass Casualty First Aid Course

Recent history has demonstrated that public and crowded places such as airports, shopping centres, public attractions and cities have become target areas for potential large scale, mass casualty and terrorist incidents.  

If an incident of this nature occurred at your place of work, do your first aiders have the skills and knowledge to deal with large amounts of casualties, with varying injuries, as apposed to just one patient?


With the independent reviewer of terrorism, Max Hill QC stating "the so-called Islamic State was planning "indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians of whatever race or colour" in UK cities, close to the scale of Provisional IRA attacks of the 1970s", let us help you to train and prepare your first aid staff.

This unique and first of its kind course has been designed by specialist paramedics to give qualified first aiders extra skills, knowledge and understanding to deal with incidents that involve large numbers of casualties and the injuries that you would expect to see in a mass casualty and large scale incident.  


This course covers topics such as:​

  • ​Dynamic risk assessment

  • Psychological factors

  • Management of gunshot wounds, amputation, burns and other trauma

  • Handing over to a medical professional

  • What an emergency services response will look like

  • Identifying and initial management of potential contamination.

The course has been specifically designed in a way that it is as true to life and as realistic as possible, with simulated 'live' casualties and realistic environmental factors.

This will give delegates exposure to what a real life incident may be like, and will better equip and prepare them in the case it becomes reality!