Emergency Response Medical Equipment

As well as delivering high class training courses, our experienced clinicians and instructors can assist you with all your emergency response medical equipment requirements.  We can work with you to establish what type and quantities of equipment are most suitable for your needs. 


We can assist you in purchasing single items of equipment right through to putting together bespoke response bags specifically for you, so you can obtain exactly what you require.

This can be for Mass Casualty response as well as First Response Emergency Care.

With many years experience working on the front line, we know which pieces of equipment work and which don't, therefore you are not spending finances on equipment that is not suitable or fit for purpose.  

Let us build bespoke response bags just for you!

Combat Application Tourniquet
The Combat Application Tourniquet is a tourniquet that completely occludes arterial and venous blood flow in an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with a significant haemorrhage.
Quick Clot.jpg
Quick Clot Gauze
An advanced haemostatic agent that greatly improves haemorrhage control.  The Z-fold style makes it easy to pack a wound 
Russell CS.jpg
Russell Chest Seal
A hydrogel based dressing with an integral valve.  Designed to cover a penetrating chest wound whilst allowing air to escape.
Emergency Dressing
This dressing has an integral pressure bar and a highly absorbent pad.  It provides immediate direct pressure to a wound.
These multi purpose rescue shears are made of stainless steel with a hard wearing plastic handle.
Acid Attack Response Kit
This acid attack response kit contains vital equipment to assist you in dealing with an acid attack.