Contamination and Acid Attack First Aid

Would you know how to react in the event of an incident involving acid or other contaminants?


 When an incident occurs involving acid, chemicals or other contaminants, it becomes very difficult to manage due to the risk of further contamination.  Treatment of the casualty is a priority, but so is safety to both the responder and other members of public.


The Contamination and Acid Attack First Aid course has been specifically developed by Specialist Paramedics to give responders the knowledge, skills and competencies to manage such extreme situations.  This course is designed to teach people how to react in an appropriate manner, manage the scene  and give first aid to casualties, whilst maintaining safety due to contamination.  


During this 6 hour course, candidates will have the opportunity to put into practise techniques for dealing with an incident and how to deliver first aid and medical care to casualties.  This is done through casualty simulation, and practical scenarios.

Contamination and Acid Attack First Aid

Duration:  6 Hours

Cost:  £200 per person (Discounts given for courses of 12 people)

Re-qualification:  Every 3 Years

Venue:  Can be delivered at a venue that suits you!

What is covered?

  • Determining the appropriate actions to take in the event of an incident involving contamination

  • Prioritising multiple casualties

  • Providing sufficient information when the emergency services arrive

  • Dealing with casualties safely

  • Managing the scene

  • First Aid and Medical care for contaminated casualties